Drag and Drop not recorded or played back if created manually

On Chrome 62 under Mac OSX Sierra using Katalon Recorder, drag and drop of elements on the page in our application are not recorded. Drag and drop is part of how our application works.
I have also tried recording through Katalon studio but it only registers the mouse up part of the drag and drop (it registers as a “click”).
Please fix this.

If I create a “drag and drop” action in Katalon studio it DOES work though.


Good to see that you found a workaround solution with Katalon Studio. Would you please let us know more details information about your AUT (e.g type, languages, etc)?
It’d be great if you could share your AUT with Katalon team (if not, we totally understand)
as we’d like to further investigate this issue.

Thank you for using Katalon products,

Happy Holidays!

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