Katalon Object Capturing Issue

I have Questionaire form where i am selecting option Yes or no for each question.

I am trying to automate this form validation using Katalon Studio.

While recording this Test case using Katalon Studio. Test Object for selecting Yes or NO option is not creating for each question selection.

Meaning there is only two test object created div_Yes and div_No. Because of that out of ten question only first 2 question selected properly. remaining question is not selected.

Please help us to resolve the issue

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In particular, we need to see the HTML structure for the questionnaire. If the yes/no options have unique identifiers, we should be able to provide you with a locator to capitalize on that. Otherwise, you will likely need a locator that somehow includes the “question”, then finds the yes/no options for that question.

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Likely, your references are identified the same. What you can do is collect the element, and then manually change the name so that they are unique. As an example, the Yes and No elements on a web page I am testing is input_DataM.DoesApp (and that’s it–no reference to which one is Yes or No in the name, but the “value” attribute within the element is either True or False. So, manually change the name of the Element like:

input_TestDoc.IsTestDocProvidedYes – select “value” of True as part of the XPath. In changing the name, I also add which section the Element is within (such as TestDoc) and then the field the Element is, or identify it based on the nearest Label.
input_TestDoc.IsTestDocProvidedNo – select “value” of False as part of the XPath.

And yes, it is a lot of work.