Unable to click on Yes or No options

In our application there is popup where in user need to select Yes or No and click on Next… I have added action as click with object as diev_Yes… But it is not selecting. But while executing it says clicked. But actually Yes is not selected.

click(findTestObject(“Page_Engagement Center/div_Yes”))
Object: ‘Object Repository/Page_Engagement Center/div_Yes’ is clicked on

Hi @phanikumar.gk

It is possible that the div itself doesn’t do anything upon being clicked, perhaps some inner elements actually handle the click. Can you confirm by inspecting the HTML page that the div is actually what you want to click on ?

Regards !

ngcontent-c16="" class=“choices-container ng-star-inserted”><ngcontent-c16="" class=“choice-pill ng-star-inserted choice-pill-on” placement=“bottom” triggers=“mouseenter:click”><dgcontent-c16="" class=“selectedAnswerIndicatorContainer ng-star-inserted”><dngcontent-c16="" class=“answerLabel answerLabelSelected”>Yes<dngcontent-c16="" class=“choice-pill ng-star-inserted” placement=“bottom” triggers=“mouseenter:click”>< _ngcontent-c16="" class=“answerLabel”>No

above is the HTML code