Katalon KSE per user license

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I need help from you.

Even after reading the Katalon Docs, I still have questions about the KSE licenses.
I would like to use one license between two resources, so for this I am planning to install license version on Remote server where both users can access the KSE. I believe this can be done.

My question here is, Can I use one License on two different machines by Transferring license option? one session at a time.

Alos, below line from the guide is bit confusing:
“One license can be shared across unlimited machines of a licensed user.”
If we have multiple licensed users then why do we need to share license among them everyone can use their own?
Please correct if my understanding is wrong.

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I believe this is the article that you mentioned…

I am going to tag @hao.le from our Technical Writing team here so that he can help you with your question.


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This means that, me, as an user, having a floating (online) licence, I can login in Katalon using my credentials from any machine, but not from two or more machines at the same time, or starting two or more sessions from the same machine with same credentials.

  • One license allows one user to have one active session at a time.

hardware id pairing it is enforced only for offline licences, see:


Thanks Bionel for your response,
If licensed user is able to login to multiple machines at a time, how would scripts will accessible to the users on other machines? are scripts are linked with the user account (i.e cloud) or its on machine where scripts have been created?

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use git!

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Yeah, That’s what we are planning…
So, basically for two team members we are planning to have one license tool on VM and one free versions on our Local for each member.
On local machines (using free version) we write scripts and push it to the git and then using remote VM we can and pull run the scripts as per the requirement.
I think for small teams that is the best approach.

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As long as you don’t need any enterprise feature for development (local), should work just fine with free version, so you need one only for KRE (execution from CLI)
I have no idea if you can buy KRE licence only … here somebody from Katalon team may be better to answer.

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Actually, we are planning one KSE license and run the scripts manually from Katalon interface and not using CI/CD, that we may do in future and buy one KSE that time.

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i really dont care about that, financial discussions makes me bored.
looks like you have a plan already, i hope your concerns were addresed.
triggering manually the test execution it is also against my philosophy, this is no longer AQA. just scripting.
for such, there is no licence required, just brain.

LE: if you are able to develop and execute locally something, with free version, for god sake, why do you need a licence to execute them again from a different machine? No KRE.
ask yourself, my mind was blocked here

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The main reason why license required is to have parallel execution which is not possible in free version of Katalon Studio. Anyways thanks for taking time to respond the my queries, appreciated.

Ah, OK. Make sense.