Katalon is not able to record any element inside the iframe....it looks disabled

Katalon is not able to record any emement inside iframe…it looks disabled.
I am using katalon 5.10 version.

First off, ill ask that you update to the latest version and see if that resolves your issue - if not we will need more information on the issue - have a read of this

I installed latest version ,issue still persisits,Attaching the


To create object for an iframe, you need to first create an object of its parent, and inside iframe’s obejct select Parent iframe radio button and provide the object of the parent there. And then write the xpath for that iframe inside parent iframe.
This will work.

I am recording it but it is not able to record anything inside frame…You mean recording will not work here? can you please help me with sample code.

Yes, thats what I meant, recording will not work here.

  1. Create an test object for the iframe’ parent. And you will be able to capture this easily.
  2. Now while creating an object for iframe, select this ‘Parent iframe’ radio button and select the parent you created in step 1.
  3. Now after this you can add xpath/ id or anything to for the iframe. This you wil have to write on your own by looking at the DOM.
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Thanks ,I will try this,One more issue “id(“katalon-rec_elementInfoDiv”)” is appearing when I select the iframe and because of this its gets disabled and i am not able to capture any element even with webspy.

I tried suggested approach still not working…