Enhance Katalon’s process for handling/recording iFrames to be more like Selenium IDE

I love Katalon studio, but I have encountered one area which I feel some improvements should be implemented. That area is in the way Katalon handles/records iFrames. I say this because when I record a tests using Selenium IDE I usually do not even know I’m recording in a frame or outside a frame, I just record and the tests and usually it will play back ok. Well there is one case where I encounter a problem when recording a tests using Selenium IDE, that is when I’m recording frames in frames. This sometimes forces me to have to manually enhance my tests. Anyway I feel the more the iFrame(s) situation can be handle by Katalon and hidden from the user then I feel the better the user’s experience using Katalon will be. Therefore, I was wondering if Katalon would at least consider looking into maybe emulating how Selenium IDE handles iFrames?

I agree that Katalon handles iFrame badly.
You gave first to play the case and have it fail, then look into the source code of your SUT, to finaly find that the problem is that you interacted in a Frame…
Not very user friendly indeed.