Katalon extension problem with projectPath

Hi, I´ve just created a simple project just for testing on katalon studio (just enter and close browser) and it works fine, but now I am trying to execute over Azure devops pipeline on a test phase and I am having problems when I execute the next command:

“C:\Users\pc.katalon\6.2.2\Katalon_Studio_Windows_64-6.2.2\katalon.exe -noSplash -runMode=console -consoleLog -projectPath=“C:\Users\pc\Katalon Studio\KobitonTest\KobitonTest.prj” -noExit -retry=0 -testSuitePath=“Test Suites/PruebaTestSuit” -executionProfile=“default” -browserType=“Chrome””

And I am getting an error that outputh: missing required argument(s): projectPath

I also Attach log file

3_Execute Katalon Studio project.log (4.8 KB)

I don´t know if I am missing something like Escape some character.

on the line 20 you are missing a parameter
this “C:\Users—projectpath----” should be preceded by -projectPath= (after -runMode=console)

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Hi, thank you for your answer but I think I figured what was happening.
The double quotes were the issue. I removed them and eliminate -consoleLog argument and everything is working fine now.

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How you remove the double quotes
Can u help me with this
CSVWriter writer = new CSVWriter(new FileWriter(n, true), CSV.NO_QUOTE_CHARACTER)

Getting the following error could not find matching constructor for com.opencsv.CSVWriter(java.io.FileWriter, java.lang.character)

Please help me to resolve this error