Katalon don't interact with device at first launch of test case/test suite

When I launch a Testcase/Test Suite at first time, Katalon don’t interact with device Android. Katalon don’t install appium on the device and Test case/Test Suite failed at the start launch. This appened, only at the first time I lauch a test case or test suite, but when I do second launch of my test case or test suite, Katalon is able to interact with device and install appium on the device. Can you help me please?

There aren’t any news about this topic? I still have this problem. Please Help me. I think that is a Bug of Katalon

Appium is not bundled directly within Katalon Studio, and also Katalon Studio does not install it automatically. Please follow proper instructions from Katalon documentation to install it by yourself and try again.

Thanks @Zarashima for yor reply. I installed Appium following the instructions and I used Katalon with Appium more and more time, but in last time, when I launch my test case at first Time, Katalon dont execute the step Appium Server Starts on port… Every time I have this problem, I must re-launch the test case and the step: Appium Server… work fine. Why at first time doesn’t work?

Can you escalate more details about current problem? Read this first

i closed this as it is inactive