Hello stuck for mobile testing on katalon

Hi ,

I am trying katalon studio for mobile 1st time. Downloaded all require files.

I am getting error for appium ui automater

screenshot attached please help

Appium error.JPG

The error message is obvious, there are files which are missing in that folder. The main root cause is your current network policy prevent you to download these files automatically when you install Appium, so you need to manually download them and copy them to that place. These files can be found at:

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Thanks I have added these files now I get this error - Fail to start appium server in 60 seconds

I think it relates to item #3 on this article: https://docs.katalon.com/display/KD/Troubleshooting+automated+mobile+testing, just take a look at and follow steps there.

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Thanks I will try that Finally we have katalon studio in our organisation so lot to automate in future!

Hi Vihn, you mention follow above step on mobile documentaion but Icant see any .appium file on my project where that should be located please tell

I cant see project folder to see that file please help

see the screenshot

platfrom build.JPG

mahesh joshi said:

Hi mahesh,

The .appium file is located in your PROJECT folder, e.g: C:\myKatalonProject\.appium file, not in this folder

Hi I have checked in project folder not appearing please help sorry to dist you but I want to show mobile demo by Friday

see screenshot attached

no appium file.JPG

Hello I have reinstall appium and now in much better position stuck on the following screen still says loading for about 10 min see screenshot attached

Hello I am stopped at this error now see the following attached file

unknown server side error occured.JPG



@Vinh Nguyen please help I have give mobile testing POC on Tuesday

finally I got success after reinstalling android sdk file