Beginner Mobile Tester


I am trying to open/initialize my application using “Start Existing Application” key, but when I run my test cases, it will open my mobile device’s settings first before the actual application.

Can somebody help or explain to me please, why is that happening?

It’s is trick of Katalon Studio to pass through Appium’s technical limitation.
Appium requires these capabilities to start a session for an installed app:

  • appPackage: is the application ID.
  • appActivity: The main Activity. It’s really hard to identify the correct Activity if you don’t have the application source code or the developer team did not tell you.

Therefore, we decided to launch the settings application first then activate your app.

Btw, We will consider to provide ability to override those above capabilities that will let Appium directly launch your app at the first time instead of the settings app.


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Thank you sir/ma’am.
Appreciate your response. :blush: