Katalon does not support for debugging?

Please tell me how can I use evaluate debug in Katalon. In pycharm or another product from JetBrains. They will allow developers can run code while debugging via “Evaluate” dialog. We can run the function and get the return value, or we can print the value of the first element in an array or we can do anything while debugging. But with katalon, I just want to show the first element in an array while debugging and I got an error. Let me show you the “interesting” debug of katalon:

There’s a simple code and it does work with debug expression. So the developers who use katalon will put “println” function instead of real debug?

Hi @superfatcatmeow,

I think this is limitation of the Groovy Eclipse editor for now. The Expression view treats def type to an Object instead of array. You can change type of arrayData from def to String[] instead. Example below:

String[] arrayData = ["a", "b"] as String[]

println arrayData[0]

When I run the test case directly. It worked, I just want do it while debugging. Sometimes, I need to verify the type of the variable or check whether the variable has the specified property or not but it does not work. Do you have a workaround solution?

My proposed script works while debugging. My suggestion here is that we should use a dedicated type for a variable instead of using def