Katalon Cucumber - error when I recalculate steps. Please help


I am starting with Katalon BDD testing and I’m following the youtube tutorial on how to create the BDD tests. I am now where you create the LoginSteps.feature. Before I started with the tutorial I opened the “sample” project from github “katalon-bdd-cucumber-tests-master” to see how everything works. Now that I’m trying to create tests in my own project I get this error when I try to recalculate steps:

I tried renaming my feature file “LoginSteps.feature” to something else since the sample project has a feature file with exact same name. I thought that was causing the problem but it didn’t work.

Any feedback is much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

EDIT: I figured it out. Killed all the chromedriver.exe processes, deleted the project, and now I don’t get the error message anymore


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