Katalon cannot connect to database on macOS Mojave


I am using macOS High Sierra on MacBook Pro 2017. I upgraded to macOS Mojave and used the same test case which connects to a database from Katalon Studio. It could not connect to the database. On Katalon, I went to Project ➞ Settings ➞ Database and filled in the connection. It looked like the connection was timed out.

I proved it by formatting my MacBook back to macOS High Sierra. The test case could run normally and on Project Settings it said Connection Successful. Then, I upgraded to macOS Mojave again. All failed. Neither restarting MacBook nor reinstalling Katalon helped at all.

I need to stick to using macOS High Sierra for the sake of database connection while I have re-written the test case to avoid it for my colleagues who are using macOS Mojave. I will try to update the error message from console as soon as possible since it is a long holiday here now.

Error Message:
Connection failed! SQL Server did not return a response. The connection has been closed.
It simply says it can’t connect to the database, but this happens on Mojave only, not on High Sierra.

Has anyone found this issue before?


Could you please try connecting to the database server using another client and see if it works?


It is happening to all Mojave macbooks.


Are there any logs to read?


I also found that database cannot be connected on macOS Catalina either. Not sure if this becomes specific to these macOS on MacBook Pro 2017