Katalon auto-unfold code in script mode when user start typing

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  • Windows 10

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As the title says, Katalon auto-unfold my code in script mode every time I start typing. For example a new variable, a new function, or when I open double quotes etc. It’s really annoying that I spend time on re-fold the auto-unfolded code. Especially when code is not just a few lines…

I tried to reproduce what you saw on my Mac.

  1. I created a new Katalon Studio project. I used version 8.2.5 on Mac os 12.2.1
  2. I created a new Test Case named “Test Cases/New Test Case”
  3. I typed in the following codes in it:
public class Main {
	public static Test() {
		System.out.println("I am Test")
	public static TestOne() {
		System.out.println("I am TestOne")
	public static TestTwo() {
		System.out.println("I am TestTwo")
  1. Manually I fold the 3 methods as follows
  2. At the line#3 I typed public
  3. Then the 3 methods were auto-unfolded, as follows

Yes, I could reproduce what @simos reported.

I think that Katalon Studio was confused by the code @simos.sigma wrote.

You wrote

public class Main {

This is a Groovy class definition.

In the “Test Cases” folder, Katalon Studio does not expect your script to start with a Groovy class definition. Katalon Studio require you to write a Groovy script as a “Test Case”.

So Katalon Studio could not understand what @simos.sigma wrote. Therefore it does irrational auto-unfolding.

I rewrote the code in the format of Groovy script:

Katalon Studio did not do auto-unfolding at all.


I think @kazurayam has solved this. Using main() {}` in a script class is likely a no-no.

You may not be aware that, behind the scenes, when you write a Test Case like this:

// Imports

// Step 1

// Step 2 ...

// Step 3 ...

// End of Text Case

What you end up with is something like this:

// Imports

 class main extends ScriptClass {

  def run(...) {   

    // Start of your Test Case Steps

    // Step 1

    // Step 2 ...

    // Step 3 ...

Moving this out of Bug Reports.

@kazurayam @Russ_Thomas Hm… It happens even when I use defs only…

That might be expected behavior – it’s trying to show you where the error is located.

In a Eclipse document Preferences > Java > Editor>Folding, I found a description:

Members | If enabled, Java members are folded when opening a new editor.

Please note that this preference is effective only “when opening a new editor”.

This is Eclipse design, not of Katalon Studio. I suppose that Katalon people can not modify this behaviour.

Possibly. But it’s too kind for @simos.sigma.

So the quickest remedy for @simos.sigma would be:

He should

  1. first, fix the syntactical errors
  2. close the editor
  3. reopen the editor

@simos.sigma You don’t have to re-fold defs one by one manually.