Katalon 7.5.1 is out!

Katalon 7.5.1 is out !

All features of 7.5 Beta, plus:

  • Support newest version of Chrome.
  • Support newest version of Newest Edge.

Katalon 7.5 Beta is out

Hi everyone,

We are excited to release Katalon 7.5 Beta with awesome features/improvements, and we would like you to use it and provide us with the feedback that would enable a better testing experience for you.

Some highlight features:

  • Native Recorder for Windows: Provide a fast and seamless test development experience on Desktop that is similar to the Web Recorder.
  • Retry Test Cases only on failed Test Data: Rerun executions only on the failed data row to reduce time when dealing with large Test Suites and Test Data.
  • Web Keywords for upload file with drag and drop: Nowadays modern websites support drag-and-drop a file to upload, now such a feast can also be done in Katalon.
  • Support migrating Selenium/TestNG/JUnit test scripts to Katalon Studio (since 7.4, in case you miss): Reduce frictions of adopting Katalon as your organization’s automated testing solution. Migrate and receive the best of both worlds.

And more ! Read from the release note:

And if you are hooked, then download it from here:


I like your new SOAP Test object screen with separate service URL but I still miss a feature : being able to put a variable in request url like this :
As I can already do in REST :

In my case, ${api_url} is a global variable defined in my different profiles for different test environment.

Hope that will appear soon. Thanks


Hey @ddanneels Have u tried use GlobalVariable.api_url and define at the profile variables?

Here’s a little help for https://docs.katalon.com/katalon-studio/docs/execution-profile-v54.html#parameterize-a-global-variable

I’m a noob using this software, that’s what i do with all my variables

Hiya, i hope u found useful.

Hi @ddanneels,
We appreciate your feedback after trying our improved SOAP feature. We will consider to support parameterizing the service endpoint.

Katalon Email Integration is not working and cannot even send test email.

Hi @shweyamin,
I’ve just checked your issue but the feature still works fine.

Make sure that you turned ‘Less secure app access’ to be ON status

And also enable IMAP as well

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Has anything changed in how “Data Files” are loaded when running “Test Suites” ?
Before 7.5, I think files were loaded at the beginning of the corresponding “Test Case”.
Since 7.5, it seems to be much earlier, at the beginning of the “Test Suite”. Not only to count available records but also to load those records “in memory”.
Since I have a few separate “Tests Cases” in the “Test Suite” that refresh “Data Files” with new data, this new data is not taken into account. Old data is already “cached” and will be used, even when adding a few seconds delay between generation and use in one or several of the following “Test Cases” in the Suite.
I will add that my “Data Files” are not stored on local disk but on a network share (that’s why I’ve thought to add a delay, but with no improvement).

Hi @ddanneels

Can you provide a minimal example to demonstrate the perceived differences ? As it is right now, I can imagine the problem, but it’s still kinda abstract. Please try to give some code snippets, logs and comparisons between the versions, what works and what doesn’t etc.

UploadFile custom keyword is not working on the latest version (7.5.2) whereas the same keyword works fine on the version 7.5.0.

import java.awt.Robot
import java.awt.Toolkit
import java.awt.datatransfer.StringSelection
import java.awt.event.KeyEvent

def uploadFile (TestObject to, String filePath) {

	final File file = new File(filePath);
	final StringSelection selection = new StringSelection(file.getAbsolutePath());
	Toolkit.getDefaultToolkit().getSystemClipboard().setContents(selection, null);

	try {

		final Robot robot = new Robot();

		// Cmd + Tab is needed since it launches a Java app and the browser
		// looses focus






		// Open Goto window







		// Paste the clipboard value






		// Press Enter key to close the Goto window and Upload window






	} catch (final Exception e) {

Is anyone facing the similar problem like above comment with upload file custom keyword using robot? the upload window is getting opened however the go to folder and enter after that is not working. Any help in this regard would be greatly appreciated. Am running KS 7.5.5. Thanks in advance.


Starting in v7.5.0, Katalon Studio already introduced Upload File by Drag-and-Drop keyword: https://docs.katalon.com/katalon-studio/docs/webui-upload-file-drag-and-drop.html#uploadfilewithdraganddrop

It may help you in this case.