Katalon 5.8.4: Local variables list is not shown when tryng to mp variables in called test case

I have called a test case and want to map the variables with the local variables of calling test case. But local variables list is not visible in mapping window

But variables are there in calling test case

Katalon_Local variable mapping issue in called testcase.png

Katalon Studio Calling test case local variables.png

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This worked properly in version 5.4.2 but is broken as of version 5.8.4 or earlier. I have both versions and opened the same project in both to confirm. It is not fixed in 5.8.6.

@Vinh Nguyen This issue needs fixing ASAP

Dear Bhawna Rani,

This issue has been acknowledged and logged to Github with the tentative release plan: https://github.com/katalon-studio/katalon-studio/issues/17.
Please follow up with it there.