Katalium Framework - TestNG and Selenium made easy

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Not knowing what Sellenium & TestNG are makes the introduction to Katallium hard to get my head around. Could you describe what it does without mentioning Sellenium & TestNG ?


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Hi @Josh_C

I don’t think it’s possible to introduce Katalium without mentioning Selenium and TesNG, seeing that they are essential components.

Basically, Katalium provides you a blueprint for your test automation projects. In other words, the framework provides you templates for test cases, test pages, etc so that you can quickly craft your tests without having to learn too much.

Here are the templates (from the project open-sourced in the documentation)

Cheers !

Hi Katalon Team,

Is there any way that we can export a Maven based project with test classes and page object classes created in Eclipse with Java + Selenium + TestNG scripts into Katalon Studio.

If it is possible, could you please help with the steps for importing the project into Katalon Studio.

Hi Katalon Team,

A reply to the above question would be appreciated. Thank you.

Hi @venkatasairk.dudduku

Katalon does support downloading Maven dependencies with gradle. You can copy the POM, test case classes and packages into Keywords folder. There isn’t an import function to import Maven projects into Katalon Studio as of now.

After the necessary dependencies are available, you can call the test case classes in Katalon test case. As this use case is not officially supported, please try till you get stuck somewhere and I will try to help.

Is Katalium free to use? Do you need a license to use it? Do you need an API KEY to use it? Can it be integrated with Jenkins? Thanks!