[KataConnect #11] Upskill from Manual to Automation Testing


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As automation testing and artificial intelligence (AI) continue to shape the industry in 2024, software testers face challenges that require meticulous planning, design, implementation, maintenance, and evaluation. As a result, many testers struggle with the increasing complexities of manual testing and the rapid adoption of automation.

We invite you to join us at our 11th KataConnect event in Jakarta, tailored for software testers and QA professionals, where our speakers will share how you can easily transition from manual to automation testing.

Learn how to create automated test cases, manage tests, and integrate them into your development cycle. And, discover how AI can enhance your testing efficiency to gain an edge in the industry.

:information_source: This event will be hosted in English and Bahasa Indonesia.

Date & Time


Key takeaways

  • Alleviate bottlenecks and boost your efficiency and software testing lifecycle with test automation

  • Transition from manual to automation testing, identify suitable tests, and build a robust automation framework

  • Gain valuable insights through best practices and real-world case studies

  • Utilize AI to supercharge your testing efforts

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About KataConnect

An educational webinar series and meetup designed to share up-to-date knowledge about software testing quality and best practices. This series provides a unique opportunity for testers, developers, and tech enthusiasts to come together, fostering a stronger community through sharing, learning, and inspiration.

About our partner

Established in November 2018 in Jakarta, the Indonesia Software Testing Board (IDSTB) is the pioneering association in Indonesia dedicated to advancing quality assurance (QA) in software. As the first organization of its kind in the country, IDSTB facilitates the acquisition of ISTQB certification and offers comprehensive QA training. Through the Indonesia Software Quality Assurance (ISQA) community by IDSTB, the board aims to enhance human resources in the QA field by providing essential facilities and support to ISQA members and other interested individuals.

Our speakers

Loan Lu - Senior Account Executive, Katalon Nhu Tran - Manager, Partner Strategy, Katalon Aditya Mirza Bahari - President, Indonesia Software Testing Board (IDSTB)
Loan Lu is the Senior Account Executive at Katalon. She has eight years of experience working with IT leaders in enterprises across Southeast Asia. At Katalon, she is in charge of expanding the business footprint in Indonesia, specifically in the BFSI segment. Nhu Tran is a Partnership Manager at Katalon. She has extensive experience in fostering meaningful business partnerships that help enhance Katalon’s capabilities and amplify our market reach. Aditya Mirza Bahari serves as the President of the Indonesia Software Testing Board (IDSTB). He is committed to promoting the growth of the software testing industry in the region and sharing his expertise. With a focus on delivering superior results, he strives to advance the field of software testing and help organizations achieve their goals.

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Hi folks, :wave:

Thank you very much for your interest in our 11th KataConnect event!

At the time of writing, our event has received more than 200 registrations. And, to ensure the best experience and atmosphere for all attendees, we have decided to close our registration form, we apologize if you did not have the chance to register on time.

For those who have registered, we look forward to seeing you at our event!

Katalon Community team.

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Hi all, :wave:

Thank you very much for joining us at our first-ever KataConnect event in Jakarta, Indonesia! More than 150+ testers, QA practitioners, partners, etc. showed up and we had a great time learning from and connect with each other.

Through our keynotes and panel discussion, we hope you gained valuable insights on on transitioning from Manual to Automation testing, leveraging AI to boost your testing workflows, and reach new heights in your careers with our Katalon Certification program!

This event also marked our first collaboration with Fariz Agati (@farizagati), one of our newest Katalon Creators based in Indonesia!

Take a look at some of the images from the event below :point_down: (A video recording will be provided later).

We will also be updating this thread with the questions and answers during the event in the coming days so stay tuned! :sunglasses:


Please find the list of some of the questions and answers from this comment onward (we would like to thank @farizagati for helping us to answer some of these):

Q: How do you balance the people involved in Manual testing and Automation testing? I believe Automation testing will replace Manual testing in the future

A: At Katalon, we do not believe that Automation testing will completely replace Manual testing as there are specific tasks that are more suited for manual testers. You can think of it as Manual testing will complement Automation testing for the best efficiency.

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Q: What is Katalon’s vision for AI in Software Testing?

A: At the moment, we are working to integrate Generative AI with our own Native AI solution(s). And, we are seeing initial successes as we have been able to cover up to 70% of redundant test cases via our Native AI solution. We believe AI will continue to play a large role in Software testing in the years to come.

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Q: What is/are Katalon’s plans in terms of product roadmap specifically in Indonesia?

A: As mentioned above, we do not believe that Automation testing will replace Manual testing completely, hence, we will position our products as being complementary to the works of Manual testers.

We are also pushing Katalon TestOps and Katalon TrueTest for our enterprise customers in the country as Indonesia is a big market for us, not just in terms of enterprise, but also in terms of community users who rely on Katalon Studio Free for example.

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Q: Can you provide us with some example of API and UI Automation using Katalon in action?

A: Please refer to some of the links below :point_down:

The Katalon Community forum provide all Katalon users with a wealth of helpful resources, from tips & tricks from other users, to Katalon use cases and tutorials from our Product Support team (KShare). If your question(s) has not been asked/answered before, then feel free to Ask the Community!

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Q: Is it possible to carry out automation tests on cross-platforms, for example from Web to Mobile (Android)?

A: Yes, it is possible. Please refer to our documentation below:

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Q: Which value(s) does Katalon bring when testing in conjunction with other test frameworks such as Selenium, Playwright, etc.?

A: Katalon can support cross platform application. Plus, it is easy to use especially for beginner in test automation.

If we have to compare them, then we would say Playwright and Cypress do not support Mobile applications at the moment. Selenium you can do API tests, but then you would need to adjust some of the scripts. And, if you want to test mobile applications, then you need to use other framework/tools like Appium.

Meanwhile Katalon combine all of them: Web using Selenium based framework (with Groovy), Mobile and Desktop using Appium.

All of them are compiled to “simple keywords” in scripting mode, so you can start working on test automation with less-setup and configuration.

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Q: Does Katalon integrate with CI/CD workflow along with report?

A: There are quite a few CI/CD integrations for Katalon, please refer to some of them below:

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Q: Can you give me some advice on choosing a good testing framework to apply in a company that is still new to the QA field?

A: The answer are really context-dependent. But, we can advise you on some of the common things below:

  1. The resource, this can mean several aspects:
  • Your company’s manpower or headcount - both quantity and quality (skills, etc.)
  • Your company’s budget
  • The time it takes to develop the test automation
  1. The maturity of application (do you already have the best-practices to develop test automations? ie having IDs, testid, etc?)

  2. The processes and SDLC (underrated opinion, but this actually affect how and which one that affect your time to develop the test automation script)

The easiest way to apply framework to be used in software testing is, that you find a suitable framework that fit with your interest and also align with your team’s development framework. And, also make sure that it is possible to combine between development & testing. Just because a framework works for one company, does not mean that it would works for yours.

We hope this helps.

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Q: As a QA Practitioner, what should we focus on in terms of career path? Do we focus on learning to become an expert in our area, or to achieve a higher position in our company? At the moment, I am just following the development lifecycle i.e. making test scripts and running automation tests

A: We believe you have to be aware that automation is just tool. And that the most important aspect(s) to look out for is to improve your core-testing techniques and your soft skills.

Regarding the former, you can find many courses and learning paths on Katalon Academy to help you improve your testing skills.

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Q: What are the challenges that Manual testers face when switching from Manual to Automation Testing?

A: The primary challenge for software testers transitioning to automation is the technical knowledge gap and a fundamental understanding of testing. From my experience, it’s crucial for testers to grasp the basics of testing first. For automation, you need to understand how coding works, particularly Page Object and Object-Oriented Programming. Additionally, understanding your company’s current system is essential to determine if it can support automated testing effectively.

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Q: What are the advantages of Katalon compared to other automation tools?

A: Please refer to one of our answers above:

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Q: As a beginner in QA and want to learn how to use Katalon, do you have any tips or tricks?

A: Yes, one of the first thing you would need to do is to download Katalon Studio itself…

… and then you can check out Katalon Academy, our learning platform where you can learn how to use Katalon, alongside other testing concepts free-of-charge…

… and then you can validate what you have learned and get certified via our Katalon Certifications Program

Should you have any question whilst learning on Katalon Academy, feel free to Ask the Community and receive support from other Katalon users and our team.

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Q: Can Katalon be cheaper for beginning testers or for those who wishes to switch to Automation testing?

A: When you are working towards your first, second, or third certification as part of our Katalon Certifications Program, if ever you need access to paid Katalon solutions to complete some of the criteria, then you can take advantage of the Kudos Rewards Program

To put it simply, you need only to engage with others on our forum, accumulate your Kudos points, and then you can exchange them for not just 3-6 months of paid Katalon solutions usage, but also eGift cards and such as well.

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Q: What will I need to prepare when I want to switch from Manual to Automation testing?

A: You will need to have a good research skills, especially when it comes to debugging errors & looking for answers on Google, the Katalon Docs, Katalon Community forum, or other platforms such as StackOverflow.

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Q: Can Katalon be used for backend testing?

A: If by “Backend testing” you meant API Testing, then yes. Learn more below:

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Q: What are the skills and knowledge that I need to have prior to switching to Automation from Manual testing?

A: It is beneficial to have a basic understanding of logic skills (like if-else statements, for and while loops, and switch cases). Next, learn about HTML and the DOM (Document Object Model), and then focus on creating effective XPath locators.

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