Job progress view upto 5 entries

I am using the latest version of the Katalon studio, and I see the job progress for upto 5 runs. My requirement is to know all the job progress executed at any point of time. Is there any way to see the entire history of job progress in Katalon?

I do not see what you mean by this.

Here is an example of Job Progress view on my pc. I can see 5 entries in it. What’s wrong with it for you?

My question was on how to see more than 5 job progress?

Always I see only 5 entries here. How can I see the older entries?

I don’t know it.

Is there any option to ask Katalon Team directly?

If you are a paying customer, you can raise a request to the official support.

Otherwise, just name Katalon employee here


Currently we can see only 5 entries here :smile:


As far as I understand, Job Progress will show the progress of **executing** test cases and test suites/test suite collections (Ref: Toolbars and views in Katalon Studio | Katalon Docs). The number of entries will depend on the number of tests inside your test suites/test suite collections. If you want to know the completed executions, I would like to recommend you to generate test reports. Thank you!

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What I see on the screen is, total only 5 entries in Job Progress. It will not show all the executions done. And I am only looking for the solution when individual test cases are run. The reason why I am looking for this option is to know the result of 6th test case.
Hope this is clear.


You should create a Test Suite which combines all 6 Test Cases.
The execute report of the Test Suite will include the result of 6th Test Case.
Isn’t it satisfactory? If not, please describe why.

This is not satisfactory.

Okay, lets say, I am working on test case scripting. It is a single test case. All I am doing is scripting and testing at the same time. So with the existing job progress feature, I can only see last 5 runs. What if I want to know what happened in the last 6th test execution?

Why do I have to use Test Suite for this?

I can imagin a case where I am scripting and debugging a single test case. I would be interested in only 1 execution — the last execution. I would never want to look back the historical 6th execution of the test case.

So I can not imagin why you want more entries in the Job Progress view.

Because I need to look back at the older results for that test case to compare it. That is my requirement.

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Thank you for your reply.

… I am puzzled with this.

But it’s your requirement, OK.

I can do nothing for it. I would quit.

if you want to see older test result then you can see from reports section

Reports will help only when test cases are executed in suites. This does not help me when I am executing the test case in standalone.


Now I understand your case. As the current maximum entries to be displayed in job progress is only 5 times, you could not see the previous 6th or older entries for comparison purpose. This can be a feature request to display more than 5 entries in Job Progress but we will collect more information from other users to decide its priority.
In the meanwhile, there is only 1 suggestion for you is that to create 1 test suite which contains your 1 test case; then generate test reports for that. It will be less convenient but hope it can help.

Thank you!

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