Jmeter Integration with Katalon for web performance testing


I want to explore the options of performance testing using Katalon and Jmeter.
Do we support the integration. I read about some Jmeter Plugin, Does Katalon still support that.
I want to use it for some web URLs and NOT for api testing.

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I cannot find any jmeter plugin in Katalon store.
According to this topic:

it was discontinued since version 7.0.0 so you are out of luck.
Just use Jmeter without Katalon for perfomance testing.

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JMeter GUI is convenient and enough.

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Aside of that, I already mentioned in various topics that, ‘integrating’ a tool designed for functional testing, as Katalon is, with a tool designed for performance testing, as Jmeter is, will only lead to confusions and errors.
But… it is just me.

is it for web page performance?