Unable to install JIRA plugin in 6.1.0

When I click Plugin Store in the IDE, it launches internet explorer 11 and in the plug store I see the JIRA plug in but it does not install it … I don’t see the plug in in Katalon Studio IDE.?

@mjuarez, did you select ‘Reload Plugins’ option from the Plugin Store menu in the IDE? That way, the plugin will be downloaded and installed into Katalon Studio.

@huynguyen , yes I tried that and no luck… it said no plugins found… I then went to back to the Plugin Store and tries to install it and the link does not work in IE…

Hi all,
New 6.1.1 beta has just been released with logging reloading process. Please follow the steps below:

  1. Download new 6.1.1 beta at this link below then open it
  2. Click Plugin Store then select Reload plugin options
  3. Wait until the reloading process ends
  4. If no plugin installed, send us the log file and email you used to reload plugins from store

*Log file can be found at:

  • Wins: \config.metadata.log
  • Mac: Applications/Katalon%20Studio.app/Contents/MacOS/config/.metadata
    If the case cannot attach .log file, please send to this email: infor@katalon.com



@Alice 6.1.1 beta version fixed my issue… I am now able to reload the plugins and use them in Katalon Studio… thanks