Jenkins Master Slave Configuration

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In this post you dont explain how configuring the slave node when the code is in git. This example work but it dont work when to use git because the Windows that have Katalon, needs credentials de git. ¿What configurations I would need for work slave node and git?

you can add git credentials into jenkins credential manager and use it

You could give me detail of the process. I have tried several ways without success.

Can you let me know how much have you completed? PLease share the environment details as well

The structure is as follows:

1.- Linux machine(Jenkins Master) with Git plugin

2.- Job in master jenkins, it uses the plugin git to connect. In this job, it executes the call to the slave node (Windows Machine)

3.- When the slave node executes the comand “git clone” in the Windows machine, this machine shows a window for credentials and, even though I enter the user and password, the result is 401.

Firstly, it shouldn’t show the credentials window beacuse you specify the credentials in the job. But I would like to know if there is any way that the window does not appear and make the connection to git directly.

The only solution I´ve found is to not use the plugin git and instead use the command “clone git” in the shell of the job.

If you are running the job on the slave, then the git clone is executed in jenkins slave machine.ensure you can access git from the jenkins slave.

In order to add the git credentials to → goto credentials manager and add git credentials.

HI, im running “katalonc” command on my Jenkins pipeline to jenkins windows slave.
The problem is when command is running “the machine id” differs from windows slave machine id and that is why i cant activate via api key and run my test.
What can be the reason of this ?