Jenkins Job is getting stuck

Hi Team,
When we are trying to run the test suites via Jenkins Jobs. Jobs are getting stuck and it will load forever and will not proceed further.
I will manually abort the job and re run it again.
We have observed that this issue happens mainly on Tuesday and Wednesday. Please find the attached screenshot, Where first test suite is completed and next one did not even start, Even after 4 -5 hours it will remain same. Please suggest on the same.

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Hi @zahid1, thank you for sharing this with us. Can we have more information about this stuck? a full error log would be helpful for our investigation. However, can you share with us if your KRE is functioning smoothly locally?

Also, please submit a ticket for your paid license matters here. More details about Katalon support you can read Weekly Katalon FAQs (6) - Inclusive support when using Katalon.

Thank you for using Katalon.

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