Katalon plugin and verify commands - Jenkins job stuck

There is strange behavior of verify command which will fail when executed on Jenkins with Katalon plugin used.

System: Windows 10,
Browser: Chrome (headless), but the same is with Chrome
Katalon plugin, Jenkins
Project is located on git
Katalon version: 6.1.4 (the same is with 6.1.5)

I’ve created job on Jenkins using Katalon plugin in the following form:

Publish JUnit reports option enabled in post-build action does not influence the outcome.

There is test which contains following code:

Important is that the verify command used inside if command (reproduced with verifyElementPresent, verifyDisplayed …) with or without additional parameter (like time out, failure handling) does NOT locate element (element could not be found using locating properties) will make Jenkins job stuck. The job need to be manually stopped.

Also, when I created jenkins job with ‘executed windows batch command’ (no katalon plugin) all works fine, jenkins job is finished.

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Hi Alojzius_Pendergast
I have stumbled on the same issue,
Did you find a solution fro this behavior ?

Oh, I’ve just had the same issue when using Katalon (6.2.1) plugin :frowning:. Has anybody fixed this issue yet?

I could not use it. Instead, I use old approach with batch script.

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