Jenkins job wont stop if test fails

I configured Jenkins and Katalon as per guide provided in Katalon Jenkins plugin. All works good except if test fails Jenkins doesn’t stop the job and tries to keep it running forever till i manually reboot Jenkins server.

Any one had similar issue or any fixes for it?



we don’t know what you did in jenkins.
usualy it stops at first failure, using sane default scripts.
any details?


I installed jenkins with default configuration. Then added Katalon plugin and rather than using “Download Katalon Studio Version” i installed it on machine and provided path to it.See attached screenshot.

This can be due to your overall Jenkins configuration. I am not sure but when I googled it I found this :

I to have the same issue, except, that I did the “Download Katalon Studio Version”,
Also, I noted that this behavior does not occur on build where “Execute windows batch command” is used.
Only using localhost8080/restart stops the build in my case.

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Same experience in my side.

I had the similar Issue it was solved when I used a TestSuieCollection for execution instead of Test Suite.
As mentioned in one of the posts in Katalon community.

Same Experience on my side. I tried it on Windows VM on Linux and on my local Windows. If I am using the plugin, Jenkins gets stuck and I have to restart the server.