JBehave story files and Katalon

Hi @Katalon_team,

We have a team that has a significant investment into JBehave BDD tests (with 2000+ step definitions) and we are looking into options to migrate them into Katalon Studio.
We looked in couple of options.

Option 1 is to migrate JBehave tests fully to Cucumber in Katalon. It is very simple to convert story files to feature files, but migrating step definitions from JBehave to Cucumber libraries would require significant time (due to number of step definitions). So this is not ideal option.

Option 2: Use JBehave step definitions (easy since we just need to import JBehave libraries) and glue them somehow to JBehave story files that we convert to Cucumber feature files.This would make migration very simple however we are not able to make a link between JBehave step definitions and Cucumber feature files in Katalon.

How we can do Option 2?

Or is there a way that we can instead of feature files import JBehave Stories and glue the step definitions code?