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Hello, I am trying to evaluate the BDD features of Katalon but can’t seem to find if the tool can automatically generate the step files from the feature files or whether they have to be created manually.

James, I dont know about this feature in Katalon but you can generate steps for your feature file using tidy gherkin, it is a chrome plugin. No need to manually write steps

Hi Team,

I’m trying to call a feature file from another feature file. I defined a step wherein I used the below code to execute a new feature file -

The script worked as expected, but post the execution of the new feature file the browser is getting closed and is not returning back to the calling function

Could you please advise what needs to be done to make the browser resume the execution from the point it had called the feature file

Thanks in advance!

I am trying to execute feature file having step definitions spread across multiple files. In the run time this binding of feature file to step definition fails. I have defined listener as below:
class NewTestListener {
def sampleBeforeTestCase(TestCaseContext testCaseContext) {
CucumberKW.GLUE = [‘salesCloudStepDef/SalesFeature_One’,‘salesCloudStepDef/SalesFeature_Account’]

Can anyone tell how to resolve this issue?

Hi @sidharthasubudhi,

Cucumber default glue should be package names. Eg:

CucumberKW.GLUE = ['com.example.stepdefinitions', 'com.example.anotherpackage']