Issue with Chromdriver and Katalon

Been getting this error message:

How do I go back to Chromedriver 76? I checked and I was on version 78. Thanks in advance!

You can update manually by replace the ChromeDriver.

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I placed an older version in the correct location, didn’t work. What else can I try?

Please provide the error message and the Chrome browser + ChromeDriver version that you are using.

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Error message I am getting:

This is what I downloaded:

I placed the new Chromedriver in this folder:

Sorry if I missed anything, I am quite new to this.

You’d need to downgrade your Chrome browser, since your ChromeDriver supports Chrome version 76.

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You can go to and check for the Chrome browser version first.
And then looking for the correct ChromeDriver version to replace the old file.

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Thanks, this fixed it. Really appreciate the help!

Also thanks @sang appearently it kept auto updating after every downgrade, fixed that.

Thanks guys! :shrimp: