Issue generate report Testops using CICD

I am having trouble running CICD and generating reports on Testops, the CI/CD runner cannot generate default reports even though it has been completed. After the timeout expires, it will automatically cancel. (Test run figure 2290 has passed but not completed. Figure 2289 has timed out)

This doesn’t happen when I run using Katalon on my laptop (real-device + katalon).

I used

image: ​***\katalon:latest

The previous success image was like this

Could you please share ideas about this

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Hi there Huy,

Welcome to Katalon Community! :wave:

Thank you for sharing with us about your issue with TestOps. I will be tagging my team member @Elly_Tran and one of our colleagues from the TestOps team @tri.tle here so that they could look into the issue and hopefully provide you with some insights and support.


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Hi @huy.tranba ,

thank you for your question. Can you share the version you are using? I think the problem might be the size of the test to be too large.

I used Katalon 8.6.8, Do you need any more information?
About the size of the test, the issue happened when I ran only 4 test cases and it take short time, the test case is not large

So I think the root cause is not the size