The report is very large

When I run a very large suite, the report that is generated has approximately 500mb.

When I run a collection with several very large suites, sometimes the first one is executed and the report is not generated. Blocking the complete execution of the collection. I would need the report not to be generated, is there any configuration for the report not to be generated?

Do you have any settings to capture video for that execution? Does your report include many screenshots?

No video config, but many screenshots because I need them for other reasons. But I do not need them in the report

This is still happening.
@“Vinh Nguyen” Do you have any idea how to solve it?

This is still happening.
@Vinh Nguyen Do you have any idea how to solve it?

I would suggest a workaround.
You could write a bash/PowerShell script which invokes the katalon.exe in Console Mode. In the script you would invoke the katalon.exe several times sequentially specifying -testSuitePath=testsuitename for each.

No fragile pararellism should be introduced.


I would agree that Test Suite Collection is a bit smelly. I guess that the Test Suite Collection is designed to be multi-threaded for executing Test Suites pararelly, and there seems to be some resource contention between threads.

@Vinh Nguyen @4280-kazurayam

This is the error: