Is there a way we can install multiple custom plugin in katalon and see them in Katalon Plugins list?

I want to add more than one custom plugins (which I wrote myself) to my test project.
Is this possible?
Currently the option ‘Install plugin’ will be disabled after installing the first plugin.

Hi @m.koster,
You can publish your own plugins by going to this link and following the uploading steps. After that, your submission will be reviewed by our Store team and can be published if it passes all requirements. For more information, please refer to this documents.
For your concern about installing multiple plugins, you definitely can install more than one plugins and see them in this list after the plugins are successfully installed. Please go to a detail page of the plugin you want to install and click the button there.
Thank you.

My question is not about the Plugin Store, but the menu option ‘Plugin’ to install custom made plugins.
I do not want the publish my plugins.

@m.koster Currently we don’t support uploading multiple custom plugins from KS. If you want to install multiple plugins, you need to make them public first and install them from store. After that you can set the plugins as Private by clicking “Unpublish” button.

Too bad that this is not supported yet. Can we anticipate this any time soon?

Can we import the plugin as we import a JAR file ? I am also interested in building Katalon private plugins that I do not wish to distribute publicly ? Thanks.

Hi @salim.mansouri,
The plugin must be packaged as JAR file to be used by Katalon Studio. You can only install 1 custom made plugin through Plugin > Install. Other than that, the plugins must be distributed via Katalon Store.

I just don’t get it. We have certain plugins that doesn’t make sense to put it on Kalalon Store. What is that we gotta do to get this functionality??

You can add your plugin as an external library and use it from there.

Thanks for your response. Yes there is that. But you can only use external libraries directly in the code but cannot access them as a “custom keyword”.

If you write a keyword and add “@Keyword” before a function, you can use it like any custom keyword.

Yes I did. When you add them as a external library it completely ignores “@keyword”. Like I said it doesn’t show up in the custom keyword list (on manual tab). On the flip side, I was able to add the complied “.jar” file to the plugin directory that is within the project. But it only supports one plugin. when you try to have more than one plugin. The second one replaces the first one plugin.

You have to create an intermediary class between your JAR and Katalon. For example, make a class in custom keyword with a function with @Keyword before and in the function, use your JAR.

Ah I see. Thanks for the suggestion. That would work… but its just a pain in the butt, as we have about 10 katalon projects. Each time we update the plugin we’ll have to modify the intermediary class in all the projects. But its better than no solution. Cheers. Appreciate your reply.

Yeah definitly a problem if you are using your library in differents projects and if the definition change.