Is there a way to use data driven test case as a step in feature file?

As I understand, the only way to use DDD in Katalon is from Test Suite view, where you can bind Test Case with Data file.
I’ve prepared the following keyword

    def addProcess(reportName) {
    WebUI.sendKeys(findTestObject('web ui/Test Objects/Pages/Definitions Page/elSelectReport'),

    reportName + Keys.chord(Keys.ENTER))

	WebUI.waitForElementClickable(findTestObject('web ui/Test Objects/Pages/Definitions Page/elNoProcessAddedToast'), 3)'web ui/Test Objects/Pages/Definitions Page/elNoProcessAddedToast'))

	WebUI.setText(findTestObject('web ui/Test Objects/Pages/Definitions Page/elSelectProcess'),
			reportName + '_E2E' + Keys.chord(Keys.ENTER))'Object Repository/web ui/Test Objects/Pages/Definitions Page/elButtonConfirmChanges'))

	WebUI.waitForElementClickable(findTestObject('web ui/Test Objects/Pages/Definitions Page/elProcessOrRulesAddedToast'), 3)

	WebUI.verifyTextPresent('Process has been added', true)'web ui/Test Objects/Pages/Definitions Page/elProcessOrRulesAddedToast'))

Keyword is used in a Test Case

Add process to reports


I added a variable reportName and it binds with report data csv column with the same name. Run it from Test Suite and it works well.

When I call the Test Case as When statement in feature file, it does not bind with CSV file, as it is only possible via Test Suite. Is there any walkaround? Am I missing something? I want to Use feature files (called by Run Feature File in Tests via Test Suite)