Is there a way to open downloaded Excel file and Edit the Excel file (Importing data through ADF DI in Oracle fusion application)


I am new to katalon studio and need help in performing actions on Excel sheet as part of test case.

Actions to be performed:
Open Downloaded Excel spreadsheet from Oracle Fusion Application.
Connect to Fusion application.
Edit the spreadsheet.
upload the data.

Basically need to import data into Oracle application through spreadsheet using ADF DI.

Please let me know if there is any way to achieve this.

Thanks in advance.



I don’t know if this is the best approach, but you can have an idea:

You will use java to write in excel (with POI library, for example)

To send file, you have this article I think will help you

I think it helps you

Thank you for your advice @jjunior.

However, i need to feed data in Excel sheet dynamically. Any help is highly appreciated.


The first problem you need to solve is how to download the Excel file from your Application Under Test (AUT) to your local PC. Unless you get the file in your hand, you can do nothing on it.

How can you download the file from you AUT? — it depends on how the web page is designed, there could be a lot of variations. Please try to develop a test script to download the file for yourself. If you encounter any problem, of course you can ask questions providing enough description. Please have a look at

If your web page is super simple (the page has a <a href="URL of the *.xlsx file">Excel</a> tag) then the following post might be useful for you: