Bug with "Run from here" feature

To recreate.

  1. Write a test script containing 10 steps of code and no loops present in the script.
  2. Run the test script.
  3. Stop script at step 3.
  4. Insert a “for loop” after step 7.
  5. Right click on Step 3. Click on “Run from here”. Click on the available option for “Run from here”(There should be only one).

If resuming from step 3 is not possible, navigate the webpage so that the script can start from a step before step 7.

Expected: Script runs on resumed step.
Actual: Nothing happens.

If “for loop” is removed, “Run from here” feature works again.

UPDATE: This issue only occurs if i create a loop in the automation script view and then switch over to manual view. If I make the loop in manual view, this issue does not occur. There probably is some minor issue when loops get converted into manual view. Thus I have a workaround to my current issue :+1:t5: