Is there a way to automate scanning (QR code)?


I’m trying to automate a scanning QR code feature on the android app.
Is there a way to automate scanning (QR code)?


Hello, have you find the manner to do automate a scaning QR code using katalon?

I have the same error


Hi @Yosepina,

While there isn’t a way to directly scan a QR code with Katalon Studio, there are some ways to do it with Appium:

Hope this helps,



Hi @Chris_Trevarthen,

I have read it. but i didn’t get clear to implement . actually in how does the library work? where do i put it?


Hi @Yosepina,

To add the basic QR code scanning libraries to your project, you would download these .jar files:

And place them in your Katalon Studio project’s /Drivers directory.

That would get you the ability to do the things described in the article. The next (harder) step would be to write the code to do the screenshot capturing and image scanning.

– Chris


thankyou Mr. Chris

i will try