Is there a setting to send email report only on KRE run

Is there a setting that can be put to send email report only when it’s the KRE that is running the test suite? usually I want the reports sent by email only when it’s done by the KRE, otherwise I have the report locally on my machine. This would be better since when I’m testing a new script in a test suite I don’t want to spam everyone with my failed run. The only workaround that I see would be to put the setting off while I’m doing my scripting and to not forget to put it back on before pushing my code to our git repo…

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I cannot find any guide or reference about this. Should there be some setups that others can help? Or you can raise this concern to our PMs directly on Ask Katalon Anything event over here: [Coming Soon] Ask Katalon Anything - Feb 26 to Mar 04, 2024 🪄. See you there!