Customize report email recipients

Please, add customizeible email recipients.

For example, test reports for TS01 is sent to a@company.mail, reports for TS02 to

Hi Mate

I don’t see any evidence that an update to the present reporting/email service is due for a major upgrade.

However, all is not lost, you can write your own, giving you complete control.

Let me know if you need more info.

Thanks Russ

I already saw those discussions but I wanted to see if there’s any chance that this functionality is going to be added as a regular feature of KS.

Oh well, better try and do something myself.

I’m looking at your startReport and endReport but I can’t see what are they doing, I can only see them being called. Where is the email sent? Could you share some more code?

Obviously, my Reporting module is very localized. Give me a while to think how I might share that in something like pseudo code that doesn’t give you too many puzzles to solve.

Thanks man. No hurry, whenever you have time.