Email Not sent in console mode execution (Ids configured in test suite)

Email Reporting
Katalon does not sends email reports when emails IDs are configured in “Test suites” while running in Console mode.
It only sends email to Ids which are configured in Project settings.

Make sure you added the email to your command line using -sendMail=[emailadress]
Read more here :

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I made the changes and added -sendMail tag to command line and Mail is now getting triggered.
Thanks for the solution.

Although I feel that it should pick up email address from testSuite, as we are providing testSuitePath in command line, instead of providing additional command line argument.

I’m not using sendMail function but I believe Katalon generate the command line corresponding to the email in the project normally ?
Anyway, having lots of customization from command line is great for CI tools.
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