Test Suite Question

Is it possible to call a Test Suite from within a Test Suite?


No, sorry, that’s not possible.

I suspect your second suite is a smaller suite? If so, you can create a TestCase that contains calls to a series of TestCases using callTestCase but I imagine you may not like the reporting when you do it this way.

An amendment to @Russ_Thomas’s advice is that I would add the Test Cases of the first Test Suite to the list of files into the second Test Suite as I often incur FileTooLarge events that are from having too many lines within a KS page when I try to run the test. If you create a Test Case of call statements, likely all the statements of the various cases will try to be compiled together–maybe going over the limit (not absolutely certain as I haven’t tried it). I stay less than 300 lines each and 7 pages max for any Test Suite. Generally, I start a new test after 4 pages.

But that’s not what the OP wants to do. He has a reasonable question asked a few times before. Sadly, it’s not available (I can imagine that’s quite a rewrite of the startup infrastructure so don’t hold your breath).

And re “Method Code Too Large” - that’s because the run method of a script class has a limitation easily circumvented by restructuring the test case to use methods for common test step sequences.

Good to know. I will look into it for the next test case.