Is license needed for the Azure DevOps extension

We are in the process of moving to Azure DedOps for development and test Automation. I installed the Katalon extension to Azure, configured it, and everything seemed to go well until it got to the finding license statement, it then hung there forever, until I cancelled the job.

I have read the other posts, but none of them refer to azure and nothing was posted with the extension about the license.

1- So I imagine that the extension is a sort of KRE. That said, do we need a license to run KS job in Azure?
2- If we go back and run Katalon ver. 6.3.4, in azure, do we still need the license?

Replying to myself after talking to sales.
If you need to execute Katalon in a CI/CD pipeline of any kind, starting from ver 7.0, you do need to purchase a license. Running it from your desktop is still free.

After evaluating KTE and KT, I definitely will stick with KTE… They seemed to have resolved some stability issues with webdrivers and element mappings in KTE. A class in in KTE (driverCleaner) must be doing something good, I’ll now have to decide whether or not pay for a license to run in azure.

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Hello everyone,

You’re recommended to read this announcement regarding the consolidation of both Katalon Runtime Engine DevOps and Floating licenses into one licensing offering, Floating .