Is Katalon support check the query from the inspect?

Is Katalon able to check the failed query from the dev-tool > inspect?

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I think we need a bit more information on what you expect Katalon Studio to do.

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Do you have verification steps after every “setText” and “selectOptionByLabel”? Your verification steps should be checking what the previous statements have done.

I need to verify if that query appeared or not. I have a test case that needs to verify permission. If I verify that button or information display on the UI, it will be more exact when I check the inspect that contains the query permission.

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Still your question is not clear.
according to my understanding. I think you are trying to verify whether the (Permission) button or some text in the permission is visible in the UI or not.

to get a possible solution we need to have some additional information about the permission.

there are 3 types of permissions

  1. which you get from the URL Bar
  2. which is thrown by the Application for example in some web applications user is prompted to accept cookies
  3. it May be an alert

in the above types u only get the data in the inspect screen for 2. others you can’t able to inspect in the DOM.

please share the type of permission or permission alert you are receiving. it would be best to attach a screenshot of the same.