How to automate this?

Hello, guys

In our system, we have some permissions to check if the user can access some stuff.
So, if the user do not have any permissions, he cant see our system homepage (example).
The permissions came to us by requests, and we can see them in “network” at chrome devtools.

I want to know how can i automate this test in order to verify if our system is reacting as well to the permissions.

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I think we’re going to need a lot more information, like for example, what you’ve tried already, if anything. Read this link and respond with any info you have that might help us help you.

In addition, I’m not sure you have posted in the correct forum category – I’ll move this post to Web Testing. If you ARE trying to integrate with another system, then be sure to mention what that is (in future).

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what do you mean “some stuff” ?
is it question of folder permission (read/write) or using some web application?

The OP hasn’t been seen in almost a year. The post itself is a year old.