Check the checkbox

The script below is not working properly.'Object Repository/genre_chkbox')) 

How can I replace to click the checkbox?

WebUI.check(findTestObject('Object Repository/genre_chkbox'))


Could you please show us screenshot of the Object Repository/genre_chkbox and your logs after you execute this test case and which have‘Object Repository/genre_chkbox’))?

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I executed the testcases and now it’s working. :smiley:
Thanks for checking anyway!

just in case, add waitForElementClickable before click on that element

I have multiple check box , i need to select particulate check box only, how can i do it, without scripting mode. (Kindly also check out image


I am facing same issue. Not able to click on ‘Check Box’

Getting following error

05-05-2020 12:59:14 PM Test Cases/Test1

Elapsed time: 49.950s

Test Cases/Test1 FAILED.
com.kms.katalon.core.exception.StepFailedException: Unable to check object ‘Object Repository/Page_/input_Read Security Instructions _SecurityI_c6cf2a’

Can anyone please suggest a solution?