Is Katalon Studio Right for My Usecase?

I’m manually creating PDFs from Airtable spreadsheets, wherein each record gets its own resulting page. I’m currently using Airtable’s design block to do this. As this is a manual process each time, I’d like to find an automated substitute. Someone pointed me to Katalon Studio as a recommendation, however, I’m not sure if this is feasible or if so, where to begin?

Not clear enough. What do you want to automate?

Do you want to automate the process of creating PDF from Excel?

If so, all I can say is that Katalon Studio is not specifically designed to do it. However if you can write a Groovy script or a Java class that performs Excel to PDF conversion, then you can execute that script in Katalon Studio. You can execute any shell command from KS as well.

Do you want to automate downloading PDF files from you Web site to your PC through browser?

If so, you would be able to automate it downloading using Katalon Studio. KS is designed to do that sort of work.

Do you want to automate comparing each PDF files against the original information contained in the Excel file?

I think there isn’t any out of box solution to do it. You need to develop application to fulfill your requirement using some external libraries such as PDFBox. If you want to do the comparison on your PC after downloading PDF from Website, then Katalon Studio can be a good framework to drive the process.