Is it possible to specify ADO Test Case ID within script code?

I’m just starting to play around with getting my Katalon scripts to integrate with Azure DevOps Test Plans. This is a really exciting feature, I thought I was going to end up writing lots of complicated code to make this happen.
However, one question (or possibly enhancement request)… While I can specify the Azure test case ID in the Integration tab of a test case, or I could specify it in KatalonC command line parameters, is it at all possible to specify the ID by code in the script?
For example, in my Katalon project I have a driver script (test case) which loops round reading a row of test data from a spreadsheet, performing the individual actions specified in the row of data, and then I need it to output the result for that row into an Azure test case using an ID specified in the row of data.

@sara.leslie do we have an Azure specialist on board yet? @duyluong perhaps?

Fingers crossed! By the way, I just ran into another issue that might be even more of a problem to me with this… I assumed that by using WS.callTestCase to call other Katalon Test Cases that each would update their corresponding Azure Test Case, but it looks like it’s just the one (main) Test Case that gets updated?

For example, let’s say I have a “MasterTestCase” Katalon Test Case, which uses callTestCase to run 5 other Katalon Test Cases, each integrated with an Azure Test Case ID. If I run the MasterTestCase, it will update the corresponding Azure Test Case, but NOT any of the five other Test Cases that it calls.

That sounds like a by-design feature – but I’m not familiar with the Azure integration mechanisms.

You might also want to post that as a new topic (better for search-ability).


Good idea, I will, thanks

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