Is it possible to re-use Selenium IDE test cases in Kattalon Studio?

We did quite a lot of Selenium IDE test cases.
if we switch to Katalon studio, is it possible to re-use them with a minimum of effort ?
Thanks in advance
Brgds, Philippe

OK. From previous ddiscussions it looks like it’s not possible today.

Hi. Now you can import Selenium IDE test cases into Katalon Recorder and export them to Katalon Studio’s Groovy format. More about it here I’m using it to export my old Selenium IDE test cases to C# and it works well so far.


In addition to importing Selenium/TestNG/JUnit projects into Katalon Studio, from version 7.5.10 onwards, you can also import a Selenium IDE project for execution with Katalon Studio.

Download 7.5.10 here.


  • Katalon Studio version 7.5.10 onwards
  • An active Katalon Studio Enterprise license