Is it possible to begin a script with a Browser already opened?

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I want to automate a site, but the problem is the Flash Player isn’t enabled when you run a fresh session, and because it’s a fresh session I’m not logged in, and my settings aren’t applied like normal. Is it possible to launch your script on a browser that is already open and available?

So it is but it will have to be an instance of the driver that is started by a different test case. What i mean by this is that you could have a test case that just opens a browser and reverts to This will keep this browser open which will then allow you to procceed with your manual changes for settings such as flash etc. Then if you go to another test case and right click and hit Run from here, the test case should run in that open browser instance. This will be a very tedious process so i recommend you finding a way to incorporate the steps you take to configure the browser into the automated test itself.

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When I want to test in a active browser, I have to go on “play button” (or debug button) and click on the “down arrow button” and choose the browser that have a “right arrow button” and choose to execute the browser.

But it doesn’t works in every time


So with that kind of instance yes I can see how that can become very tedious, but is that my ONLY option?

Have you set your Preference to Chrome Browser? That way you can just click the Play Button and it automatically chooses Chrome. When I do run the “Play” button sometimes it does fail, but I can just rerun it and it’ll run my script no problem.

From what im aware, thats your only option. The test case will only run in a instance of the driver, not just any old browser window. I guess what you could do to save some time is place all your child test cases into a parent test case and just run from there for the parent test case? would save time from having to repeat for each test case.

There may be a different route you could take, ill ask for some help from others

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This sounds like it could be solved way back at the launch stage. I expect there’s a Desired Capabilities setting to enable Flash – in which case, @Brandon_Hein’s bible may help:

Working with an existing browser instance is problematic for a number of reasons (such as data caching, cookies, etc.), and isn’t supported by either Katalon or the underlying Selenium. Katalon does have a “Run from here” feature, where you can execute a script in the middle of the code using an open browser instance, but this is more for debugging purposes than for the requirement you’ve presented.

In the end, as long as your Flash settings are stored in the browser-level config file, then you should be able to handle them using Desired Capabilities as Russ has mentioned.


top of what @Brandon_Hein already explained, in my opinion such feature will only break the basic principle of testing, consistency of environment


Ok Im working on getting this down and can hopefully get it to work.

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Yes, but I have a particularity, my system requires log in and I have one test script to it. When I’m logged and want to test one other script, I have to do what I said

@jjunior all of us have ‘particularities’. if i will post all of my wishes on how katalon should be, and all will be implemented … i will be the only one knowing how to use it :slight_smile:


hint: better learn how to do the ‘login’ voodoo programaticaly. and in a safe maner to not expose your credentials. and you will have double benefit

@Ibus I don’t want a improvemen, I just said what I do. And how Brandon said: