How to recognise the already opened browser?

Who can we recognize an already opened browser session using Katalon Studio?

Hi There,

If you open the browser manually and then start executing the script from katalon studio ,That’s not going to work.

However there is a work around

First open the browser through katalon studio
Stop the execution

Navigate to the page manually until you reach the script .

For Example:
Your scripts steps goes like the browser.
2. click on singup button
3. Fill up First name ,Last Name,Address,Email id
4. Click on submit button

Now lets assume that you want the script to start execution from Step 3 on opened browser session

Step 1 : Open the browser through katalon studio ,then stop the execution
Step 2 : Click on the browser session created by katalon and then manually click on the signup button.(You may comment this step in your script)
Step 3: Then again start the execution from here.

Click on the down arrow beside the Run option in katalon you will find the option
New session browser and page session select page.

You should have installed the katalon utility add-on.

Hope above explanation helps you.