How to run Test cases on an opened browser

Every time I run a test case it opens a new browser session, how can i avoid this? I need to run the test case in the current browser I opened.

in case you are running manually it’s in execution menu:
if programaticaly call openBrowser() and closeBrowser() only when needed…

Thanks for your reply @Andrej_Podhajsky
In my case the login page have OTP and I need to skip it, I need to automate the other pages,
so what I was thinking about is to open the browser and login manually after that I use Katalon scripts on same browser, any ideas?

use Script to open browser set Wait for element to value big enough to let you login and once element that should be displayed after login is visible script will take over browser…

You can begin execution of any script from any line by right clicking on the line and selecting “Run from here”:


You must keep at least one browser instance that Katalon has generated open in order to use this feature.