Internet explorer tests not executing on remote desktop when screen is locked

I have a web test suite collection with several test suites running in Chrome and a test suite that runs in IE. I am using an Amazon Workspace remote desktop for test development and execution. I am able to execute this test suite collection from Katalon Studio and there is no issue with either the Chrome or IE tests. We recently acquired a node-locked Katalon Runtime License and I have configured this test suite to run as a scheduled task in the same Amazon Workspace. If I exclude the IE tests, this test suite runs successfully as scheduled task even if I am disconnected from the remote desktop or the screen is locked. However, if I try to include the IE tests, the first test hangs on the IEDriverServer start page and never proceeds. The IE tests just hang with no failure message while the Chrome tests proceed as expected.

System Info:
Katalon Studio Enterprise 7.9.1
Katalon Runtime Engine node-locked 7.9.1
Windows Server 2016

IEDriverServer log

I usually run the IE tests with requireWindowFocus: true, but setting this to false had no effect. I have followed the IE configuration guide with the exception of creating the FEATURE_BFCACHE registry key because I do not have admin rights on this machine. Does anyone think adding that registry key could solve this issue, even though IEDriverServer works fine when the screen is not locked? Or does anyone have any suggestions / experience with executing IE tests on a remote desktop or CI environment?